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The Generational Reasons Why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are So Appealing

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Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have ignited a firestorm. They have addressed the worries and fears of three generations of Americans: Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Sanders’ appeal to millennials (born from 1982 to 2000, ages today 16 to 34) caught everyone by surprise because no one understood what was fueling millennials’ fears. Millennials, educated by 1960’s liberals, are a talented generation with few job prospects, massive student debt and living with their parents. So, for millennials, getting a government handout seems to be their only alternative. They love authenticity, so they felt the ‘Bern.’ And, they find Trump authentic. Millennials have little problem jumping from a democratic socialist like Sanders to a common sense conservative … especially when…

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