By Mary Keliikoa


A dying wish. A secret world. Can this grieving investigator stay on the right track?

PI Kelly Pruett is determined to make it on her own. And juggling clients at her late father’s detective agency, a controlling ex, and caring for a deaf daughter was never going to be easy. So she takes it as a good sign when a letter left by her dad ties into an unsolved case of a young woman struck by a train.

Hunting down the one person who can prove the mysterious death was not just a drunken accident, Kelly discovers this witness is in no condition to talk. And the closer she gets to the truth, the longer her list of sleazy suspects with murderous motives grows. Can Kelly pinpoint the murderer, or is she on the fast track to disaster?

Full of intricate family dynamics, sensuous secrets, and twists and turns that’ll keep you guessing.


Says Mary Keliikoa: “For years, I worked as a legal secretary, giving me a front-row seat on the legal maneuverings that took place every day. I loved the unfolding of a case from the first documents being run to the courthouse to preparing for trial. That love is one of many reasons I gravitated to writing mystery and suspense. And yes, I’m that person who actually gets excited when called for jury duty.

“The legal system is an incredible lens through which to see what makes people tick. This is what I infused into my novels, along with characters striving to overcome significant odds to find meaning and purpose in this crazy world. I mean, aren’t we all?

“When I’m not writing, I’m enjoying time in our Hawaii home with my husband of 29 years, or back at home in Washington with the rest of the family including our two fur-kids, cooking up a gourmet meal, golfing, playing with one or all of our ten grandchildren, strumming a tune on my ukulele, or fiddling on the piano that I’ve played since childhood. What a wonderful and mysterious ride.”


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By Phyllis Melhado


A witty, insider tale of lust, ambition, secrets, betrayal, competition for control of the world’s premier luxury spa, and the chance to snag the uber-eligible man who unexpectedly arrives on the scene – it’s all on the menu at The Spa at Lavender Lane.

From her elegant atelier office, Nadia Demidova discreetly monitors the arrival of her latest guests. Legendary doyenne of the fabled Palm Springs getaway, she can always tell from the moment the women arrive which ones will be problems. This group will not disappoint: a burned-out Fifth Avenue retail executive…a striking former model and Chicago socialite… an overweight Texas housewife on the brink of her second divorce and her beautiful teenage daughter…and a CEO who, unhappy with recent plastic surgery, is secluded in her room.

Fortunately, Madame Demidova can rely on her assistant director to help manage the herd, not knowing that this valued employee is poised to make an audacious move.


The former Vice President of Public Relations for the Estee Lauder Companies, Phyllis was instrumental in launching some of the world’s best-known fragrance and beauty products. She has been published in Town and Country and several international editions of Cosmopolitan. She has ghosted a bestselling beauty book as well as a syndicated fashion and beauty column and has written two film scripts. In addition, she consulted on the award-winning indie film Hurricane Bianca.

She has read her short fiction at New York’s legendary Red Room Literary Salon, and her short story, The Waiting Room, was published by The Scarlet Leaf Review. The Spa At Lavender Lane is her first novel.  Her second book, the inspiring true story of a brilliant, young physician who defies breast cancer to live her dream – and the great love that made her triumph possible — is in progress.


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By Bevan Atkinson 


How can you determine if someone is telling the truth? Xana Bard, the tarot-reading “accidental sleuth” of The Tarot Mysteries series, is faced with the challenging Thalia Thalassos, who doesn’t hold with all that tarot woo-woo nonsense, and whose husband has—maybe—been murdered. The problem for Thalia is that the police believe she did it. Why wouldn’t she want to kill him, since her husband is having a reckless love affair and is demanding a divorce that would leave Thalia abandoned and penniless?

Meanwhile, what was Bryce Gilbertson, RN, doing sneaking down the quiet nighttime hospital hallway with an overdose of Fentanyl in a syringe? How will Mr. Thalassos’s endurance riding hobby and Mr. Gilbertson’s angel-of-death propensity make trouble for Xana and her friends?


Bevan Atkinson, author of The Tarot Mysteries, wrote business documents of all kinds in corporate environments and was the Director of Retail Training for Apple Computer, designing and developing the employee training for the most successful retail launch in history.

Ms. Atkinson is a longtime tarot reader, and began The Tarot Mysteries series in 2006 with The Fool Card. Her aim is to complete a 22-book series based on the Major Arcana of the tarot, doing for the tarot what Sue Grafton has done for the alphabet. As a homage to Ms. Grafton, in the series one of Xana Bard’s dogs is named Kinsey.


By Theasa Tuohy


People are doing all sorts of screwy things in 1929. It is a time of hope, boundless optimism, and prosperity. “Blue Skies” is the song on everyone’s lips. The tabloids are full of flagpole sitters, flappers, and marathon dancers. Ever since Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic solo, the entire world has gone nuts over flying. But everyone agrees that the stunt pilots take the cake.

Jenny Flynn defies the odds and conventions in her pursuit of the sky. She attracts the attention of Laura Bailey, a brash reporter crashing through her own glass ceiling at a New York City newspaper. Laura chases the pilot’s story–and the truth about her own mysterious father–on a barnstorming escapade from Manhattan to the Midwest.

Flying Jenny offers a vivid portrait of an earlier time when airplanes drew swarming crowds entranced by the pioneers–male and female–of flight.


Theasa Tuohy is a longtime journalist who has happily turned her life experiences and reporting skills to fiction featuring female reporters. She was born in Oklahoma City, the daughter and namesake of a pioneer female pilot who flew an old World War I “Jenny” with an OX-5 engine. Theasa worked for five daily newspapers and the Associated Press. Her “first woman” stints included assistant city editor at The Detroit News and the copy desk at The Newark Star Ledger.

As a playwright, Theasa co-authored the book, or libretto, of Scandalous: The Musical, an award-winning show about the life of D.H. Lawrence.

Flying Jenny was published by Akashic Books in 2018. The Five O’Clock Follies came from Calliope Press in 2012. Theasa’s recently completed third novel is Paris Caper. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, and lives in Manhattan.


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By Marianne Monson


A novel based on the life of Martha Hughes Cannon, a pioneer woman who overcame tremendous odds. When her baby sister and her father die on the pioneer trail to Salt Lake City, Mattie is determined to become a healer. But her chosen road isn’t an easy one as she faces roadblocks common to Victorian women. Fighting gender bias, geographic location, and mountains of self-doubt, Mattie pushes herself to become more than the world would have her be, only to have everything she’s accomplished called into question when she meets the love of her life: Angus Cannon, a prominent Mormon leader and polygamist.

From the American frontier to European coasts, Martha’s path takes her on a life journey that is almost stranger than fiction as she learns to navigate a world run by men. But heartache isn’t far behind, and she learns that knowing who you are and being willing to stand up for what you believe in is what truly defines a person. Her Quiet Revolution is the story of one woman’s determination to change her world, and the path she forged for others to follow.


Since she was a very young child, Marianne Monson has been fascinated by the power of words (and even tried inventing her own language for a time). After earning a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from BYU, she continued her study at Vermont College of Fine Arts, earning an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

Since then, she has worked as an editor/art director of children’s books, authored eight books and counting for children and adults, and continues editing and writing for a variety of audiences, including magazines, books, blogs, and other publications. She teaches Creative Writing and English at Portland Community College. Her two children are often featured in her work (and are self-confessed logophiles as well).

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