Will Shakespeare and the Ships of Solomon


In the fall of 1947, Will Shakespeare saw the world collapse around him. Shakespeare, a secret soldier for the Knights Templar, barely escapes the slaughter of his entire knighthood at the hands of a rogue militant arm of the Vatican in a small Montreal church. With orders to escort Templar business associate Dorothy Wilkinson back to her home in Bermuda, Will must locate and rescue the most important secret treasure in human history before it is devoured by a hurricane in the watery caves beneath her father’s property. The spiraling quest sends Will and Dorothy into uncovering dark secrets that make up the origins of the knighthood as they confront the traps and puzzles that masterfully protect the world’s most coveted treasure.

Christopher Grey is an author of fiction focusing on conspiracy theories, secret societies and the occult. His special brand of storytelling dives into conspiracies and the occult from the point of view of the secret societies, attempting to dispel popular mistruths and paranoia prevalent in the mainstream.

Grey’s fascination with the secret world began when he was sixteen after a chance meeting with a conspiracy theorist in a coffee shop sometime in the 1990s. The conversation with this man led Grey on a lifelong scholarly endeavor to learn about secret societies and the occult from a skeptical and secular point of view.

Over the past 15 years, he has been involved in various fraternal societies and has sought to explore the undercurrents of human civilization–to uncover the hidden histories and the forces and patterns that have designed what society has become and to demystify the hidden forces in our society that, for so long, have been vilified and misunderstood.

About The Author

cgreyWhen I was sixteen and still very moldable as a human being, I met a guy in a family restaurant late at night. In the 1990s it was not unusual for the unusual to gather at a coffee shop and talk about history, politics, religion and conspiracy theories. This night was no different, except that I was alone, working on a novel, and was unaware of this man’s presence until he unexpectedly began a conversation.

He told me that the world was run by the Illuminati and that everything that I knew–that society knew–was wrong. It was a massive global illusion designed to shield us from a sinister and horrifying truth.

It took many years, nearly decades, for me to realize that this man was full of shit. But during that time I discovered a great deal about civilization, history and the world as we know it. He was right in one sense: we don’t have the first idea about the realities of the world we live in. But he was wrong in every other way. The truth is much more dramatic, much more interesting and far deeper than only a political conspiracy. This shit is intense. And is nothing to demonize.

It is a larger story about us. About humans. About what we believe and who we believe in. It is an exploration of spirituality, civilization and our collective journey into the future and beyond. It is a magical epic full of heroes and villains, corruption and valiance. It is full of plots that rival any fantasy or science fiction story ever produced.

That is my focus. I am interested in the undercurrents of our civilization–the hidden histories and the forces and patterns that have designed who we are. You can be afraid of mankind’s secret societies–or you can relish in it. Roll around in it a little. Explore it. Stick your nose in it.

Learning our secrets is far more entertaining than fearing them.

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