Who Knows Tomorrow

Born in Spain and raised by a struggling single mother, Lisa Lovatt-Smith became an editor at BritishVogue at nineteen, the youngest in Condé Nast history. She helped launch Spanish Vogue and partied across Europe with celebrities, fashion designers, photographers, and supermodels.

By her thirties, Lisa has her dream career and a glamorous life in Paris, but when her adopted daughter Sabrina is expelled from school, Lisa takes her to volunteer in a Ghanaian orphanage in the hopes of getting her back on track. What she discovers there changes both their lives for good.

Appalled by the deplorable conditions she finds, Lisa moves to Ghana permanently and founds OAfrica, dedicating her personal resources to reuniting hundreds of Ghanaian children with their families and spearheading a drive to shut down corrupt orphanages. On this unforgettable journey, Lisa confronts death threats, malaria, arson, and heartbreaking poverty; she also discovers truly inspiring children trapped in limbo by a moneymaking scheme bigger than she ever imagined.  

Who Knows Tomorrow is the engaging, frank, and often surprisingly funny story of one amazing woman who has traveled the globe in search of meaningful connection. Although to Lisa her story will always be about the children, it’s also a touching celebration of a woman who is talented, generous, and unfailingly courageous.

About The Author

Lisa Lovatt-SmithLISA LOVATT-SMITH began her career in magazine publishing at the age of eighteen working for British Vogue. At nineteen she became the youngest photo editor in Condé Nast history. In 2002, Lisa left everything behind to work with orphaned children in Ghana. Today Lisa lives in a mud hut in Ghana, where she runs the organization she founded, OAfrica. The Charity is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is an implementing partner of the Government of Ghana National Plan Of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. The goal is to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana grow up in safe and permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection. To learn more about Lisa and OAfrica visit: http://whoknowstomorrowbook.com, www.oafrica.org or by following Lisa on Twitter @OAfricaorg.