TIME-LIFE Mysteries of the Unknown: A Field Guide to Unexplained Phenomena

Contents: 1. Ghosts, 2. Second Sight, 3. Out of Body Experiences, 4. Mind over Matter, 5. UFOs, 6. Witchcraft, 7. Transformations, 8. Amazing Creatures, 9. Mystical Places, 10. Dreaming World, 11. Magical Arts, 12. Astrology.

About The Author

Time Life is one of the world’s pre-eminent creators and direct marketers of unique music and video/DVD products. The company specializes in creating distinctive multi-media collections that evoke memories of yesterday, capture the spirit of today, and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Founded in 1961 as the book division of Time Inc., Time Life took its name from Time Inc.’s cornerstone magazines, Time and Life, but remained independent of both. By 1966, Time Life combined its book offerings with music collections (two to five records) and packaged them as a sturdy box set. Music and video collections now make up the core of company’s product offering. 

At the end of 2003 Time Life was sold by Time, Inc. and as a result is no longer affiliated with that organization. The company now operates as Direct Holdings Americas Inc., but still retains use of the Time Life brand.