The Secrets We Left Behind: A Novel


What happens when devastating truths that have been long kept hidden emerge? Susan Elliot Wright’s acclaimed UK debut, The Things We Never Said, delighted readers abroad. In her stunning follow-up, Wright once again proves nothing stays buried forever. Fans of Maggie O’Farrell will be swept up in The Secrets We Left Behind named one of the best summer fiction reads for women by the Daily Express.

Eve has built a good life: happily married with a meaningful job and a beloved daughter and new grandchild. But when a ghost from the past appears, everything she holds dear is threatened. In this compelling, suspenseful narrative, Wright deftly peels away a husk of lies to reveal the dark secret at Eve’s core—a deadly mistake, thirty years old, that Eve can no longer outrun.

Wright uses dual narratives to chronicle the summer of 1976—when Eve is rescued from the streets by a young couple—and the moment in Eve’s adult life when the mistakes of that summer slowly catch up with her. The narratives dovetail beautifully as Wright explores the bond between mothers and daughters. From an unplanned pregnancy in the ’70s, to an in vitro baby in the present, to a

 loving stepfather and a neglectful birth mother, Wright’s intertwining stories beg the questions: How tightly does blood bind parent and child together? What makes a “real” mother?

Elliot Wright has crafted a story with secrets that unfold through the very last page. The Secrets We Left Behind is compelling, immersive, and thoroughly surprising.

Meet the Author

Susan Elliot Wright PHOTOSHOPSUSAN ELLIOT WRIGHT grew up in Lewisham in south east London, left school at sixteen and married unwisely at eighteen. She didn’t begin to pursue her childhood dream of writing until she left her unhappy marriage and went to university at the age of thirty. She has an MA in writing from Sheffield Hallam University, where she is now an associate lecturer.

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