The Secret of Alpine Valley


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep…and Melissa and Peter have promises to keep…

A struggling mill town in the Pacific Northwest concocts a secret plan to attract the tourist dollar. When the plan succeeds beyond all expectations, the town grows by leaps and bounds—until the mayor’s son and daughter discover that there’s a secret behind the secret of Alpine Valley. But should it be revealed? Because to do so will not only ruin the town, but change the course of human history.

About The Author

PAUL CREHAN almost got an Academy Award-winning director shot, ruined a famous comedian’s car, cost a well-known production company a fortune when he hired a schizophrenic alcoholic, and ruined another director’s chances for selling a movie by making the stupidest but most consequential clerical error in all of TV history.

On the other hand, he got a former SS officer to admit on national television that of course the Nazis killed millions of Jews, lured a fugitive out of hiding when the FBI couldn’t, and helped a gang member turn his life around.

Adored by his dog, unknown to millions, friend to President* and King** alike, Paul Crehan is a television writer and producer who loves writing novels.

His first, “The Secret of Alpine Valley”, is the result of a lot of research he conducted while working on TV’s “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Proof Positive.”

That’s pretty much it. He hates zucchini. That may be worth mentioning.

* Burt Baxter, President of the local Mountaintops Club in Keokuk, Iowa
** Joe King, Paul’s dry cleaner is produced by Meryl Moss Media, a leading book industry publicity firm which for more than 25 years has helped authors discover who they are and who they strive to be through publicity campaigns that are seamless, newsworthy and on target. Many debut authors, those trying to build a following, and established writers come to us for help with positioning, media exposure, marketing and social media.