The Energy of Words


Manifest the life you truly desire

Choose the most powerful words and let the secret energy of language attract abundance into your life! Join internationally renowned numerologist Michelle Arbeau as she shows you how to:

  • Determine your top ten power words
  • Work with the top one hundred positive and negative words
  • Attract joyful energy with practical tips for positivity
  • Calculate the vibration of a word through the language of numbers
  • Learn from celebrities and clients who have successfully worked with the power of words

Negative words are energetic junk food. We can’t manifest our desires if we’re using words of lack and doubt. Learn how to eliminate negative vocabulary and replace it with positive personalized language that will transform your life into one of fulfillment and gratitude.

About The Author

zJ7Fffj9MICHELLE ARBEAU is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker, and radio and television host. Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on Canadian radio and television outlets such as CBC radio, CTV Morning Live, and Breakfast Television. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.