The Burden of My Red Lips in Tehran

Can a quintessential American girl maintain her independent spirit when her father moves the family to Tehran, Iran? Tumultuous years of loss and courage are at the heart of Shaghayegh Farsijani’s new novel, THE BURDEN OF MY RED LIPS IN TEHRAN (CreateSpace). After being uprooted from her Brooklyn home at the age of 17, Delkash learns to navigate a new language and a new city in a society where religious propriety trumps personal desire. THE BURDEN OF MY RED LIPS IN TEHRAN transports the reader back to adolescence, reliving those defining moments through the eyes of Delkash as she struggles with the approach of adulthood in a foreign land, bringing back the excitement of a first kiss or testing parental rules and resolve. Inspired by the author’s life experiences, THE BURDEN OF MY RED LIPS IN TEHRAN is an eye-opening look into what life was really like for young women during the most heated years of Iran’s modern history. Most importantly, this is a stunning adventure about what happens when a young woman seeks to define herself in a culture that values the collective reputation of the family over the dreams of the individual.

Meet the Author

burden of red lips author photoSHAGHAYEGH FARSIJANI is a former reporter and anchor, turned author and poet. She was taken back to Iran at age 15 when her father made the unilateral decision to uproot the family from Brooklyn, New York. Upon her return, she traveled the world extensively and decided to share her story as a young woman during some of the most heated years in Iran’s modern history. She reveals how female teenagers adapt and conform to life in an oppressive society while going through its many obstacles.