Technically Dead

Archibald Teal and his virtual assistant Erasmus help detective Nikki Sharp solve a puzzling murder where all the suspects seem to have alibis. The case takes place in the near future, with Erasmus having special investigative abilities, in part due to a secret connection to NSA resources as a result of Archie having worked there. The victim is a prominent businessman in an innovative business.
As they try to discover who killed him, Archie and Nikki develop a deeper relationship. The possible romance is complicated by Archie’s personality because he doesn’t care about social encounters.

Meet the Author

WILLIAM MEISEL l is a technology analyst covering the use of advanced language technologies for commercial applications. He publishes a paid-subscription newsletter and organizes an annual conference in this area. He published a non-fiction book for general audiences, The Software Society, in 2013. His background includes a technical book on machine learning written when he was a professor at USC, running the Computer Science Division of a defense company, and founder and president of a speech recognition company.