Sweet Envy: Deceptively Easy Desserts, Designed to Steal the Show

Inspired desserts that make a statement–yet are fast and easy
Want your friends and family to gasp in awe when you bring dessert to the table? Here’s a secret: You can make wow-worthy cakes, cookies, candies, and more, in your own kitchen, faster and more easily than you’d ever guess. (Certainly you don’t need to tell your satisfied audience.) Seton Rossini provides step-by-step instructions and photographs to help you make 75 crowd-pleasing confections.

Rossini takes her cue from artists, vintage sweets, cocktails, and more, to create desserts that are crazy fun, breathtakingly beautiful, and, most importantly, surprisingly simple.


Meet the Author

SETON ROSSINI is a baker, blogger, and award-winning designer. She’s competed on a Food Network Challenge, demonstrated her succulent cupcakes on ABC’s The Chew, and created whimsical pastries for the windows of Macy’s. She lives with her family in Baltimore, Maryland.