SKILL: 40 Principles That Surgeons, Athletes, and Other Elite Performers Use to Achieve Mastery


The difference between a surgeon sending a post-surgery, multimillion-dollar pitcher out onto the field for another 10 years, versus a pitcher spending the rest of his career on a farm team, is not necessarily a matter of in-born surgical talent, but of practiced skill. This is as true for business people, chess players, musicians, and chefs as it is for elite surgeons and ball players. What makes one surgeon execute an operation flawlessly and another make an error that causes a life-threatening infection? Is it that one surgeon was born smarter and more talented than the other? Or is it something else? According to Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad, author of SKILL (Lead Player; $14.99), one of the top surgeons in the world for orthopaedic surgery, and head team physician for the New York Yankees, surgeons are not born with a “God-given” gift that allows them to skate through their careers repairing limbs or saving lives. It is something achieved through hard work and diligent practice – not from dreaming, but from working. In the field of surgery, just as in any career or hobby, some practitioners will rest on the bottom, and some will rise to the top. In SKILL, Dr. Ahmad shares his advice for excellence based on his professional experiences and how they can be applied to everyone who wants to get better at their chosen goal, whether they have ambitions of someday being the president of the company they work for or they want to improve their guitar playing. Dr. Ahmad shows that the biggest determiner of a person’s success is the ability to rehearse, practice at the edges of ability, critically evaluate and then modify their technique, along with perseverance and passion in the setting of failure. SKILL is written for those who want to become the best – no matter what they’re trying to achieve. This book provides guidelines – via 40 practical tips and processes – to fulfill anyone’s natural ability. It’s about becoming the master of your own fate, your own skills and your own success.

Meet the Author

skill author photoshopCHRISTOPHER S. AHMAD, MD, specializes in sports-related injuries of the knee, shoulder, and elbow. He is a Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and an Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon at the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Ahmad is the head team physician for the New York Yankees, the Rockland Boulders, the New York City Football Club of Major League Soccer, and several high schools throughout Manhattan and New Jersey. Additionally, he is a member of the Major League Baseball Team Physicians Association. For more information, visit is a hub for booklovers and dedicated to on-the-rise authors that readers may not have heard of. For readers constantly in search of new titles, authors and ideas for their next read, BookTrib will introduce them under-the-radar writers who might be a perfect match. BookTrib has it all: new and noteworthy, exclusive reviews, video interviews, the hottest book podcasts, and all the buzz to enhance readers' understanding and enjoyment of books and up and coming authors. Top-notch contributors. In-the-know content partners. Expert recommendations. Behind-the-scenes peeks. is produced by Meryl Moss Media, a 25-year-old literary marketing, publicity and social media firm. Visit

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