Shell Shock: A Gus Conrad Thriller


When psychiatrist Dr. Gus Conrad is called to consult by the U.S. army for its growing epidemic of suicides and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) among soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, his problems begin.

Accused of murdering one of his own patients, a soldier with PTSD, Conrad learns from the mother that the answer to who is the real killer resides in England, where her family holds a long-hidden secret.

Now Conrad must find the real killer as he slips out of the country to uncover to his horror the practice over the past century of British and U.S. armies both secretly killing their own soldiers who claimed psychological problems following combat, deeming them cowards, making their deaths look like suicides.

The current head of the American death squad has apparently killed Conrad’s patient, and is now targeting Conrad himself for death. Following the clues in England, Conrad is shocked at what he discovers.

Will Conrad and Warburton be able get back to the U.S. to expose the practice of armies killing their own soldiers they deem cowards?

Can they stop the rogue leader of the American death squad before they themselves are killed?

Meet the Author

STEVE STAHL is an internationally renowned psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry, holding faculty positions both at the University of California San Diego and at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. He is the best-selling author of several psychiatric textbooks, and coauthor of hundreds of academic papers in psychiatry. Trained at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and Stanford University, Dr. Stahl has received numerous awards in psychiatry. He resides with his wife and near his two daughters in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and Lake Arrowhead, California, where he is working on his next novel, The T4 Project, based on the true story of Nazi psychiatrists choosing mentally disabled patients for extermination, a project that was eventually expanded into the Holocaust. is produced by Meryl Moss Media, a leading book industry publicity firm which for more than 25 years has helped authors discover who they are and who they strive to be through publicity campaigns that are seamless, newsworthy and on target. Many debut authors, those trying to build a following, and established writers come to us for help with positioning, media exposure, marketing and social media.