Saga of Lyn


When a mysterious visitor destroys jovial Tegain Hostler’s tavern and alters his life forever, Tegain is devastated. Not knowing how to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, he turns to his friend Karl Dunmire, a trader and a former Marshal in the elite military group the Royal Wayman Dragoons. Karl advises his dear friend to seek assistance in tracking down and bringing the murderous villain to justice.  When they set out, Tegain obtains a battered and rusty old sword for protection not knowing it was forged by the soul of an ancient king’s daughter, lost for hundreds of years.

As the two friends continue in their journey for justice, they discover that more villages are plagued by mythical beasts, and must join forces and abilities to face down demons from their past that now threaten their future. 

A quickly paced and entertaining book filled with an imaginative but possible world, as well as lessons in self exploration, Aric Carter’s The Saga of Lyn will have you immersed and on the edge of your reading chair.

Meet the Author

Aric CarterARIC C. CARTER was born the youngest of three brothers in in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida but grew up in El Reno, Oklahoma. After reading Tolkien’s The Hobbit at age 9, he was hooked on science fiction, fantasy and thrillers.

Carter joined the U.S. Navy, serving five years aboard the USS Enterprise as a Nuclear Machinist Mate and a year as a Navy recruiter. He is a veteran of Bosnia Conflict, Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

He currently lives in Oklahoma and when he’s not writing he’s  working in the power generation field as a System Operator for Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE)

Carter enjoys learning, challenges, and spending time with his daughter.  He is a licensed private helicopter pilot, certified SCUBA diver, personal trainer, actor, and writer. He has an AAS in nuclear power technology from Bismarck State College, ND.

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