A select group of Danbury Prep students are interrogated about the disappearance of the school’s most unlikely couple. Kaylee and Mason left behind a dead body and a trail of secrets. It’s anyone’s guess what happened, but everyone has their theories. Classmates Lily, Jared, Keesha, Trevor, and Glinda span the high school strata and each possesses insight into the mysterious relationship. Their stories, relationships, and social hierarchies become increasingly tangled as the story unfolds. Runaways explores the web of high school politics, relationships, and the fact that every story has another side — and sometimes, the truth has a price. “Since when are a couple of runaways a reason to interrogate half the school?”

About The Author

Philadelphia native BETH SYZMKOWSKI began her professional career as a journalist in North Carolina. She has written screenplays for Disney, ABC Family, and many others. She lives in Los Angeles with her two sons, a dog, a tarantula, a worm farm, an ant farm, and the occasional praying mantis.