Privileged Attorneys: Las Vegas Style (eBook)


Lawyers can’t be funny but Privileged Attorneys proves that adage wrong.

A situation inside the Brothers-at-Law office evolves as a heated competition unfolds between the three brothers. Ted, their father and head of the firm is retiring and is forced to pick one of his sons to replace him.

Not wanting to show favorites, Ted concocts a contest and the winner takes all- head of the firm which comes with a huge trust fund.

The once peaceful office is turned upside down as the three brothers try to outdo each other and win the contest. Humor reigns supreme in their quest, but tears, anger, love and revenge are sprinkled into the plot.

Meet the Author:

ARLENE KRIEGER received a BA in Sociology from the University of Arizona and a BS in Accounting from the University of Baltimore. Seeking another career, she obtained an MA in Education, working as a teacher. Once her children graduated, the family moved to Las Vegas where she works as a paralegal and accountant while writing her books.

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