Our Beguine: The Dance of Life


“When you trip over love, it isn’t easy to get up, but when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.” – Albert Einstein

These powerful words capture the essence of Joel and Donna Levin’s heartwarming relationship. After meeting at a fraternity mixer in the 1950’s, the pair was inseparable for the nearly the next 60 years.

“We, not I, became the whole of my life,” Joel Levin said. “True love is when two people bond together in happiness and dedication,”

After Donna’s passing 2011, Levin was caught between feelings of despair and ongoing love. He penned a memoir of his relationship with Donna titled, “Our Beguine” to explore and recreate the soul-to-soul relationship shared by the two and celebrate their 57-years of love.

“Although our life’s journey was never perfect and often a mixture of pleasure and problems, it was an unforgettable and unimaginable ride.”

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Meet the Author

JOEL M. LEVIN is a physician and a musician. He was a classical pianist for twenty years and remains a continuous lover of all kinds of music. He has been a physician for more than forty years, but his biggest accomplishment was his marriage to his wife, Donna.

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