My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941


My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook, 1941. A Nostalgic Collection of Memories unravels the momentous event of one of America s greatest tragedies, the attack on Pearl Harbor from its early Japanese inception, through the attack and its devastating aftermath. With the look and feel of a WWll period scrapbook, each two-page spread illuminates a specific aspect of the Pearl Harbor story with the use of hundreds of original photographs, maps, telegrams, newspaper clippings, hand-typed notes and letters. The use of captivating design elements engage the reader to gain a well-rounded picture of what life was like at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii before, during and after December 7,1941.

Each overflowing detailed page offers a unique hands-on exploration of this well-known story. Told in bite-sized pieces this history book is easy and fun to read for all audiences. Treasured collections from the 1940 s of ephemera, pins, buttons, watches and medals illustrate each page and stirs the imagination. My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook, 1941. A Nostalgic Collection of Memories is an adventure in learning about the many essential details of the Pearl Harbor account. 

Meet the Author

BESS TAUBMAN combines the unique talents as writer, designer and publisher creating dynamic, educational products about historical subjects. She has been writing about the Pearl Harbor story for over twenty years. Presenting the reader a unique way to learn about complex subjects by bringing history to life, Ms. Taubman is helping to reshape the way historical information is introduced. This is her first book. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and daughter.

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