Life & Debt


Life & Debt is not your typical “get debt free” book. It’s about learning to love and embrace your debt because in today’s world, it is practically impossible to be debt free. Life & Debt is not about teaching life without debt, or to be free of debt, but learning to live with debt and embracing it to the extent that you manage it and take on debt that makes sense for your life. The key lesson from the book is learning to love your debt is one of the first steps of being able to properly manage it. For anyone who wants to live their life with debt happily – college students, grads, parents, grandparents, and those on fixed incomes, business owners and heads of households – the concepts can be fit into any lifestyle on different levels from basic income to complicated budgets.

Also suitable for people going through life transitions (marriage, divorce, widow, retirement), as well as most of the middle class who are struggling to keep up with the Jonses.

Meet the Author

Leslie TayneLESLIE TAYNE, ESQ., is a highly respected consumer and business debt-related attorney and advisor and founder of Tayne Law Group, P.C., one of the few in New York State concentrating solely in debt resolution and alternatives to filing bankruptcy for consumers, small business owners and professionals. Recognized as an industry leader, her achievements include being selected for the Long Island Business News Leadership in Law Awards; twice honored as one of Long Island Business News’ Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business; named Business of The Year by the Melville Chamber of Commerce; and presented with the Achievers’ Award at Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women. As a private citizen and volunteer, she is actively involved with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Smithtown, NY., caring for and training puppies who eventually become service dogs for individuals in need.

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