In a post-apocalyptic Earth, the past is almost as uncertain as the future and the present exists with no indication of how it came to be. Set more than two hundred years into the future, Myron Daw finds himself trapped inside the restrictive ‘protection’ of the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex in M.E. Parker’s debut book, Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland.

When Myron meets Sindra, a new arrival snatched from her rail-walker clan, her spirit fuels his hope of someday escaping the compound. When Sindra confides in Myron that the Jonesbridge guards have assaulted her and she is pregnant, despite the complex’s sterilization procedure, Myron tells her his secret—he has built an airship to fly them over the gorge that surrounds Jonesbridge. As the pair plan their escape, they face separation, torture and the collapse of life as they know it during their breathtaking journey for freedom.

Through the stories of Sindra and Myron, readers get a look at society after the digital age, where the only things left to remember our culture are written records and forgotten monuments.

“We have become dependent on digital media and having a vast amount of information at our immediate disposal,” Parker explains. “What happens if this is lost? Finding an old book or piece of papyrus in the desert can offer a wealth of information. Finding a thumb drive without the means, format, or power to access the information renders it useless.”

Meet the Author

M.E. PARKER is an award-winning short story writer, as well as the founding editor of the now retired Camera Obscura Journal, an international journal of literature and photography. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, he graduated from the University of North Texas in 1996 where, as a research assistant in physics, he built a proof-of-concept, zero-emission vehicle on a Volkswagen Bug chassis based on research of gas expansion and active wind resistance. Since then, he has worked in the information industry, specifically to find ways to reduce the cost of healthcare through analysis of trends in data. Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland is his debut novel.

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