Into the Darkness


Unlocking a cursed cavern, a fierce battle for a sword, and a disguised bloody god are just a sample of the horrific and creepy scenes readers can expect in A.M. Rycroft’s debut novel, Into The Darkness.

Full of robust character development and unexpected twists, Into The Darkness brings to life the journey of Aeryn Ravane, a 23-year-old sell sword, and a wide range of characters who help or hinder her along the way in this gripping quest to honor the legendary adventurer Tynan Selvantyr.

Immersing the reader in the harsh and unforgiving fantasy landscape of the Black Mountains of Cathell, dark secrets emerge as the characters discover nothing is as it seems.

“No character is one-sided,” says Rycroft. “This novel really builds the world for the reader from the ground up so that readers will equally be able to enjoy and follow the story.”

Complete with intense gory battles, unnerving creatures and disguised evil forces, Into The Darkness is sure to be a classic for die-hard fans of fantasy and horror alike.

Throughout Into The Darkness compelling themes are examined including: 

  • The struggle to find ones true self after personal loss
  • Coming to terms with past mistakes
  • A relentless battle to fight for what you believe is right
  • The multifaceted elements of character development that makes them seem more realistic

Meet the Author

A.M. RYCROFT is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Into the Darkness is her first novel. Besides creating imaginary worlds and immersive stories for her second horror novel, A.M.’s hobbies include weight training, running, basketball, and hockey.

Into The Darkness is available via Amazon and Barnes&Noble

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