Heaven is For Animals Too


TEMECULA, CA – Whether an animal lover or one who has experienced the dreadful pain of losing a beloved pet, author Melinda Cerisano wants to take readers on a journey into the age-old controversy; do animals go to heaven? For almost a decade, Melinda Cerisano has devoted herself to the examination of one of the most famous pieces of literature to answer this question. Her new book “Heaven is for Animals Too” unveils surprising information on what is in store for the animal kingdom according to the Bible. Cerisano addresses how translations evolved, what heaven looks like, and who occupies the celestial kingdom. “Like every pet owner, I had questions when my animals passed: Do you really need to be made in God’s image to be admitted into heaven? Do animals have souls?” Cerisano said. “I discovered an interesting link between a main character of the Bible and the practice of animal sacrifice, but that was only one of many fascinating finds.” God does have a game plan for pets in the afterlife; not one sparrow is forgotten. When God created the animals, he said, “It is Good”. “Heaven is for Animals Too” is about how pets are important to God and will not be forgotten after death. Discover God’s grace, God’s mercy, and the call to heaven. After all, Heaven Is for Animals Too.

Meet the Author

MELINDA CERISANO is a lifelong follower of Christ and an advocate for God’s creatures. She loves the study of Biblical translation. A certified animal trainer, behaviorist and accomplished equestrian, she is also a full-time airline pilot. She lives in Southern California with her three horses and two dogs.