Faith Wave

This book is for those that need a drastic change in their lives.

In Faith Wave, Peter Baksa reveals that everyone of us has a capacity of becoming a superhuman by ‘training’ our brain to achieve anything we desire and become the best version of ourselves. Peter spent time in Beijing China, studying the daily rituals of Tibetan Monks while living amongst them near the Lama Temple. The observation and interviews sought to link with neuroscience and the work of Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, C.G.Jung, Albert Einstein, Max Planck.

Peter presents the truth about how we can manipulate and interact with the universe to create life we love:

“The idea is that we create our lives using our thoughts, which are essentially energy that can be measured in frequency and can be shown to be a wave of a particular frequency. The life situations, people, and matter that we manifest are directly related to the frequency of our thoughts. We attract who we are. This seemed to fall into place without disrupting any of our current scientific theories that describe the universe. We create our own reality. We attract what we think about, we attract ourselves; if you want to change who or what you are attracting, change yourself, and the rest will follow in accordance.” 

Faith Wave gives the reader a path, which if followed, will be the most direct efficient path to manifest the life that one desires. It does not matter where you are in life in the natural, how much money or how well educated you are, you will be able to use the laws and processes described herein to manifest whatever it is you desire. By following a simple sequence “Intend, Declare, and Detach,” you can, at will, and without concern for your current state of affairs begin to respond to life situations with “right action.”

About The Author

Peter Baksa PicturePETER BAKSA has turned his attention to matters of mind, body, and spirit and in this book, he shows how what quantum mechanics teaches about manifestation is remarkably similar to what the six major world religions teach about prayer and meditation. His previous titles include The Point of Power and Think Yourself Young.