DANCE – An Illustrated History

This book highlights both verbally and visually the development of dance through the ages. The influence of peoples’ beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles, as well as the functions of dance in various societies are discussed. This book explores the background of today’s dances: tap, ballet, modern, and jazz, while also looking into the early dances of many countries. Dance has inspired many creators of cave paintings, woodprints, paintings, sculptures, murals, music, literature, and other artistic media, as shown in the many illustrations that embellish this book and that emphasize not only dance but also the costumes and the artists of the various periods and locations.

Meet the Author

HELENE ANDREU is the author of “Jazz Dance – An Adult Beginner’s Guide,” “Aerobic Razzmatazz,” “Jazz Dance Styles and Steps,” and “Dance, Movement and Nutrition.” Most recently, she has taught History of Dance for Brooklyn Lifelong Learning (formerly Institute for Retirees in Pursuit of Education) at Brooklyn College. Andreu lives in Brooklyn with her sister and cats and enjoys gardening.