Country Store

Singing a happy refrain, a boy with a nickel and his faithful dog set off for the Country Store. They are soon joined by two more pals and a simple trek turns into an epic adventure. Through twists, turns and hair-raising surprises, surrounded by his friends, the boy reaches his final destination only to discover it was all about the journey. Each book comes with a sing-along CD!

Meet the Author

TIM NOAH is an award winning composer, producer and recording artist. He has appeared on HBO, The Disney Channel and the BBC. His musical journey has taken him to the high Himalayan villages of Ladakh, India and to Lincoln Center. Tim and his faithful companion, Arlo, live with Cyndi Soup and the critters in the enchanting woods of Washington State, where he is hiding from a delegation of potatoes, a trio of pigs, and a mischievous mouse who are vying to be featured in his next story-song-picture book.