Cascading Lies


Nick Davis is a survivor. First, there’s his family history that’s practically cursed, all thanks to a mysterious man named Roth Braun and the death of Nick’s uncle. Then, there’s his personal life, as Nick was recently pulled into an international ring of dark secrets that almost took his life. He sees disappearance as his only option at a clean slate.

Nick changes his name and location in an attempt to escape the bad luck that’s been following his family for decades. However, his attempt proves futile, as even in his new locale, everyone is out to get him. He makes the acquaintance of Jane-a troubled woman he can’t resist helping-and their relationship soon turns romantic, despite secrets they both hold tight.

Yet, the ghost of Roth Braun still lingers, as do other past indiscretions. The new life Nick hoped to build is wrought with terror and death. He can’t identify friend from foe, so he’s on the run for his life-but he won’t leave without Jane, who has some serious troubles of her own. Will Nick ever escape the horrible secrets of his past, or will he become their prisoner until he, too, becomes another ill-fated memory?

Meet the Author

D. R. WILLIS is an avid reader and writer of the thriller and suspense genres who initially began telling stories to entertain his ill mother. He is the author of Lonely Deceptions and In Shadows and currently lives in Georgia with his family.