American Wine: A Coming-of-Age Story


The underdog story of how the United States came to dominate fine wine
From the author of The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution comes the triumphant tale of how America belted France from atop its centuries-old pedestal as the world’s top wine-producing and -drinking nation. Until the mid-1970s, American fine wine was an international also-ran. Then a series of events and a group of individuals changed everything forever. This is that story. All the big players and milestones are here, from the Judgment of Paris and the French Paradox to Julia Child and Robert Parker. Told in a fast-moving, engaging style free of wine jargon, it is the first of its kind: a book focused solely on the rise of fine wine in the United States since the early 1960s, in California and elsewhere, and how that rise altered the way the world drinksfor better or worse.

Meet the Author

TOM ACITELLI is the author of American Wine: A Coming-of-Age Story and The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution. He is the beer critic for and writes the “Acitelli on History” column for All About Beer magazine. He has also written on both topics, wine and beer, for a variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg View and; and has expounded on both for media as disparate as the BBC, Fox News, Men’s Health and Travel + Leisure. He lives and drinks, mostly mild ales, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his family. Learn more at is produced by Meryl Moss Media, a leading book industry publicity firm which for more than 25 years has helped authors discover who they are and who they strive to be through publicity campaigns that are seamless, newsworthy and on target. Many debut authors, those trying to build a following, and established writers come to us for help with positioning, media exposure, marketing and social media.