A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary (eBook)


Who will be the next victim of the murderer stalking the shadows of Oxford’s hallowed shrines?

Translating an ancient document in an Oxford convent should be a harmless venture, but Felicity just can’t seem to avoid danger. It’s hardly Felicity’s fault that severed body parts start showing up in ancient holy reliquaries. Or that Felicity and one of the nuns is assaulted.

Felicity’s curiosity leads her to wonder why the nuns are in danger. Or why an ancient document would appear to be at the heart of the matter. Her expertise is called upon, and she quickly realizes that there is a lot at stake when others stand to gain, from what at first glance, appears to be a minor point of law, long forgotten.

Her life is made busier when Antony arrives in Oxford with a group of students. Although she’s happy to see him, he is surprised that Felicity has forged an uneasy friendship with his estranged sister. Then Antony is called home when an uncle dies, Antony realizes that hurt feelings must be laid to rest if his relationship with his sister is to improve. 

Left alone at the convent, the exultation of All Saints’ Day plunges to the anguish of grief on All Souls’, when Felicity discovers yet another body, forcing her to ask: Who will be the next victim of the murderer stalking the shadows of Oxford’s hallowed shrines?

About The Author

DonnaCrow_75DONNA FLETCHER CROW is a lifelong Anglophile and history buff. She has written more than thirty books, most of them novels dealing with the history of British Christianity, including Glastonbury: The Novel of Christian England and a six-book series, The Cambridge Chronicles.
A Very Private Grave, Book 1 in The Monastery Murders was published in 2010 and Book 2, A Darkly Hidden Truth was published in 2011 followed by An Unholy Communion in 2013.

Her romantic intrigues The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries: The Shadow of Reality and A Midsummer Eve’s Deception are available in all eBook formats from several publishers.

An Idaho native, Donna wrote The Daughters of Courage Series, now available from Greenbrier Books, based on her own family stories and those of other Idaho pioneers, as a tribute to the strong women to whose heritage we owe so many of our blessings.

She and her husband live in Boise, Idaho. They are the parents of four adult children and have ten grandchildren. When not writing or working in her English cottage garden Donna is kept busy visiting their sons and families who live from coast to coast in the U.S. and their daughter in Canada.

Please visit Donna at http://www.DonnaFletcherCrow.com to learn more about her many books.

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