A Dance With Hummingbirds: A Gift From the Other Side

It all started with a whistle . . . Regina is doing her best to adjust to life after the passing of her beloved husband, Elliott. She focuses on her career as a geriatric caseworker and finds comfort in the home they shared together and in the company of their wacky cat Maggie. But what is that strange whistling noise? And where did the pair of men’s dancing pumps in her closet come from? With the help of a feisty and difficult client, Mrs. Staples, she’s taken on a very unexpected journey of family secrets, Irish folklore, and the elegant art of ballroom dance. A Dance with Hummingbirds is a page-turner chock-full of humor and heart-a joy to read from a promising debut author!


Meet the Author

A Dance With Hummingbirds is HELEN DEINES’s first novel. Having spent over twenty five years working with the elderly, she has since retired and lives near Providence, Rhode Island.