New book marketing partnership gives authors and publishers direct access to live book club network

BookTrib teams up with the Girly Book Club
Authors and publishers now have an opportunity to reach 100,000 book lovers through a worldwide book club network where close to 2,000 members from 50 U.S. chapters meet in person every month., where readers and writers meet, and the Girly Book Club have formed a partnership to share content and provide unique marketing programs to put titles into the hands of book club members.

BookTrib is an author discovery zone for readers and serves as an editorial and marketing engine for on-the-rise authors and their publishers. It was created by Meryl Moss Media, a literary publicity and marketing agency that has been helping authors get discovered for more than 25 years. BookTrib’s content is written by well-known authors, bloggers and esteemed editors offering exclusive reviews and interviews, the hottest book podcasts, giveaways and the latest news about books and writers.

The Girly Book Club (GBC) was formed in 2008 as a way to make new friends in new cities with books as the centerpiece. It is one of the largest book club networks in the world with more than 95 chapters in 12 countries and more than 2,000 book enthusiasts attending monthly in-person meetings. All monthly meetings, facilitated by local hosts, discuss the same book and follow the same format. GBC describes itself as a global sorority of women with literary interests who socialize and share conversation and camaraderie.

This innovative partnership offers a marketing reach of close to 100,000 passionate readers who can be targeted by authors and publishers via sponsored editorial content, advertising, email and social media marketing. The audience demographic is women primarily in the 25-to-44-age range, with the most significant representation being corporate professionals, followed by educators, medical professionals and those at home. Their primary stated reasons for joining the Girly Book Club are to talk about books and meet like-minded people.

BookTrib/Girly Book Club Booster Program
An intriguing marketing opportunity, the BookTrib/Girly Book Club Booster Program allows publishers to get their titles in front of 50 book club chapters in the U.S. that meet in person. Each month, BookTrib sends a “Booster Box” to these chapters. Each box includes four carefully selected books from publishers, which will be discussed and raffled off to members. Publishers have the opportunity to supply their titles to these in-person gatherings via the Booster Box, as well as benefit from bonus editorial coverage and other marketing outreach to the full 100,000 database. The Booster Program launched in September with books from four publishers. Learn more details.

“As books continue to be a meaningful vehicle in our frenetic world, it’s so exciting that a significant number of people are still meeting in person to discuss books and forge friendships,” said Meryl Moss, founder of and president of Meryl Moss Media. “We’re thrilled to be able to share our articles about books with a larger group of devoted readers to help a wider network discover new authors.”

Erin Woodward, founder of the Girly Book Club, said, “We are excited to be working with BookTrib to help us spread the word about the benefits of our book club membership. We’re very passionate about books and bringing women together. Our breadth worldwide is enormous, and our in-person meetings couldn’t be more intimate, yet casual.”

BookTrib has added a new Book Club category to its editorial coverage and homepage, featuring reviews of the current month’s book, the following month’s nominees, a guest blogger from the GBC network, and a close-up look into one of the chapters. The new section will join other existing categories including Buzzworthy, Fiction, Thrillers, Romance, Non-Fiction, Pop Culture and more.

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