…and help me connect with some 100,000 book lovers?

BookTrib has partnered with The Girly Book Club, one of the world’s largest communities of devoted readers, 
to introduce: 

Here’s What You Get

Touch Up to 2,000 Book Club Members In Person
Your book will be showcased, discussed and given away in front of as many as 2,000 book club members attending in-person book club meetings.

Reach Close to 100,000 Avid Readers
Your book and program participation will be promoted in newsletters reaching close to 100,000 book lovers.

Engage 80,000 Social Media Followers
Your book and program participation will be promoted on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Bonus Editorial Content
We will write an article about your book’s author, post it on BookTrib’s website home page (50,000 monthly page views), and promote it on all our social media.

Ad on the BookTrib Homepage
We will run a 1200 x 220 ad on our website promoting your book.

Access to Virtual Book Club
Get your title in front of additional monthly participants in the Girly Book Club’s Virtual Book Club

How It Works

BookTrib has partnered with The Girly Book Club, one of the world’s largest networks of passionate readers with about 80,000 members in 50 chapters.

Each month, BookTrib sends a “Booster Box” with books to the 50 book club chapters that meet in person in the U.S. One of the books in each box could be yours.

You provide 50 copies of your book (one for each chapter) for us to distribute within the Booster Box at each of the 50 in-person chapter meetings.


“It’s been awesome to discover new books to love that I never would have picked out for myself and to meet new people. The all-girl atmosphere is very relaxed and conducive to great discussions.”

— Jen, Cincinnati

“The fact that I get to discuss my thoughts about a book after I read it (especially with other like-minded women while sipping on a glass of wine) is something I seriously look forward to each and every month. What a smart, passionate, witty and enthusiastic group of ladies.”

— Paige, Vancouver

“I love how easy the Girly Book Club makes meeting new friends! This is an amazing community!”

— Amber, Duluth

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