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BookTrib.com is a network for readers and writers to make a connection—like our new tagline says, “Where Readers Meet Writers.”

We cultivate, showcase and promote a digital narrative for creativity, new voices and imagination. We feature fresh stories written by aspiring writers, debut authors, as well as industry influencers who believe in helping new writers gain traction to keep books alive.

But, we are more than that—we are also lovingly nurtured by Meryl Moss, founder and President of Meryl Moss Media. Her passionate, professional literary PR firm, with a successful 25-year track record, is known for its sophisticated and smart traditional media and social media expertise. Our team is comprised of new media mavens that support authors, soon to be authors, as well as other creatives breaking onto the scene.

Got a story, a video or a photo about a book or something book-related?  Send it over to [email protected] — she’s friendly.

Let us help you build your audience. We’ll get your story heard.

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