“Captivation from the initial capital letter in Chapter One to the final period. A fictional journey that begs the question, ‘could this be real?’ Ray Perkins has a visual way with words like no other.”
— Wayne Warner, Nashville recording artist and author of Backstage Nashville


“The Spychip protocol will begin on July 4. Our Independence Day … The outcome: WORLD DOMINATION.”

When Jackson LaPointe’s best friend stumbles upon a document he was never meant to find, Jackson and his entire family get dragged “into the middle of a deadly worldwide conspiracy” in Spychip Armageddon by Raymond C. Perkins, Jr.

Jackson and DaQuan Nelson, low-level U.S. Immigration employees, are about to embark on an insane mission to halt “the enigmatic group known … only by the acronym NOW” — the Newly Ordered World — who has figured out a way to use the latest Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) microchip technology to both track humans and manipulate their minds. This nefarious group of entrepreneurs and financiers from across the globe seeks to seize absolute control of the world’s “money, energy, healthcare, education … food supply [and] even the highest levels of government.”

They’ll stop at nothing to see their plan succeed.

The two men know how insane this scheme sounds, but Jackson also knows of the prophecy of Armageddon. Could this be how the powers of man wage war against God as foretold in the book of Revelations? Could this be how the world as they know it will end?

Not if Jackson has anything to say about it.

As he and DaQuan travel across the U.S. and internationally, Jackson quickly realizes that his decision to take on NOW has put his wife and daughter in grave danger.

Racing against the clock, Jackson must rescue his family and find the leaders responsible for the Spychip protocol. But just when they think they’re safe, old enemies gear up for another fight.

Early reviewers have praised Perkins for his attention to detail, which lends itself to intriguing description and informative history woven throughout the thriller’s plot. No matter how crucial or seemingly trivial a detail may be, Perkins never neglects to lay it out on the page for his readers.

The novel’s short chapters feel almost episodic, leaving readers on the edge of their seats and enticing them to keep turning pages over and over again.

Ultimately, Spychip Armageddon aims to question those wielding power and look critically at the tools they use to wield it. By the end of Perkins’s novel, readers may find themselves asking which technological advancement will send the human race teetering over the edge of control and plundering into the abyss of chaos.

Spychip Armageddon is now available for purchase. For more on Raymond C. Perkins, Jr., visit his BookTrib author profile page.


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Ray is a retired middle school Social Studies teacher who began writing along with his students early on in his teaching career. He has written and published three books for young readers in the B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series. Spychip Armageddon is his first attempt at adult fiction. Growing up in the wilds of northern Vermont has had a tremendous influence on his writing. His teaching experiences and knowledge of the area help him craft characters unique to this part of New England.