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Author and Transformational Coach

Darel Ison is a Transformational Coach and single father with two boys. He has utilized online dating, between relationships, since’s early days in the late ’90s. Finding himself undatable after his second divorce, he transformed himself from a 270-pound dying, obese couch potato, riddled with disease and anxiety, to a 185-pound active, healthy and desirable man.

Today, Darel helps his clients transform into the men that they want to be. He sees each client as a whole person; if he is helping someone with relationship problems, he understands that they often have difficulties in other areas of their lives. By coaching men to improve their mindset, nutrition and activity levels, he can replicate his miraculous transformation in others.

When it comes to dating and relationships, Ison has developed a formula to successfully navigate the dating world and date amazing women — on any site or app. With his system, he helps his clients go from struggling to date to having multiple dates in a short period of time. He truly lives what he coaches! Darel loves to build systems that help people better themselves. He has validated his dating system with many single women and is passing along his knowledge of dating and relationships on to his readers.

For more information, visit Darel’s website and find him on YouTube.

Your biggest literary influences:

Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Farber, Grant Cardone, Scott Trench, Michael Gerber, Gary Keller, W.E.B. Griffin

Last book read:

Love Is Just Damn Good Business by Steve Farber

The book that changed your life:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter changed the way that I look at the financial world around us. It gave me the base foundation to go out and seek real financial education.

Your favorite literary character:

“Killer” Kenneth McCoy USMC in W.E.B. Griffin’s book series The Corps. I was a young Marine when I first read this series and I loved to read about the greatest generation and the heroic tales of Ken McCoy and his fellow Marines.

Currently working on:

Blog posts and a woman’s version of the man’s guide for online dating success.

Words to live by:

By dating a lot of people that you do not want to be with, you can find out who you want to spend your life with. 

Advice for aspiring authors:

Take action.