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Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to share the newest Dark King book – Dragon Lost – with you.  

Join me on an emotional journey as the heroine, Annita, discovers that a prophecy about her meeting a dragon is real, and with the help of Royden, a Dragon King, changes the course of her life forever. And they find a love of a lifetime along the way.

Donna Grant

Dear Reader,

The promise of romance is that, by the end, they’ll live happily ever after. I’m profoundly interested in not just how love ends, but how it’s tried. Love under pressure is one of the most beautiful things we can witness; how difficult circumstances press the character out of us; how they send us on a search for joy. I grew up in a rural community where everyone knew everyone and we looked out for each other. It was a “found family” before I had a name for it. Queen Move weaves together the themes of love against all odds and found family into a tale that, I hope, will prove entirely unique yet deeply familiar.

Kennedy Ryan

Dear Reader, 

My two previous books won awards for their portraits of Wyoming life. Now comes Eden, my novel of Southern life in the 1950s. 

Young Rowen Hart’s complacency is shattered by his father’s suicide. While searching for a path forward for himself and a strange child with nowhere to go, every assumption of his upbringing will be cast into doubt.

Jamie Lisa Forbes