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Dear Reader:

In a small Pennsylvania city, one girl goes missing just as another is found alive. With more questions than answers, Detective Josie Quinn follows the dark trail of a series of disappearances in her community. Every turn in her investigation uncovers a disturbing new revelation and brings her closer to unearthing her town’s most shocking secret. Two things are certain: a killer is on the loose and Josie can trust no one. I’m giving away five copies of Vanishing Girls. Email me at to win!





Dear Reader,

This year, I had the opportunity to return to one of my favorite couples, JC and Gwen from the Found Duet. They are some of my most passionate characters, people who love each other deeply and have the most amazing chemistry. The foundation of their relationship’s based on sex, so I wondered what came next – after kids, when life got the better of them.

The Open Door is a sexy, edgy, very romantic story about two people, anchored to each other in every way, who want to explore the boundaries of that love in a safe, consensual setting. I loved writing it and think you’ll love reading it. It’s not necessary to have read anything previously.

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Dear Reader,

Success carries a price, as everyone in this sweeping, suspenseful saga must learn. Boundaries are tested, souls are opened, passions are unlocked…enemies are confronted. Every story brings a journey of scandals, a ride of revelations, and a push to the very limits of what hearts can endure—until every character learns fate’s biggest lesson of all.

The edge is just the beginning.

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Dear Reader

I am giving away five signed copies of my debut novel, Against the Wind. Please write to to enter the contest.

Ralph and Lynn, former high school and college sweethearts, are brought together again on opposite sides of a wind farm dispute. Ralph is an environmentalist at heart, but he has built a successful law practice representing big energy companies. Lynn, a high school English teacher separated from her politically ambitious French-Canadian husband Jean-Pierre, struggles to raise her brilliant transgender grandchild Jules. The stories of these four characters and two others thread together to weave what Kirkus Reviews has called a “resonant and humanistic novel.”