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Dear Reader,

Nikki and Damien Stark have been with me for six years, six novels, and over ten novellas, and I still enjoy writing their journey.

In this newest novella, this power couple are still recovering from one of the most horrible traumas a parent can face. Against the romantic setting of Paris, they come together to help each other heal and, in the process, take their already strong relationship to an all-new level.






Dear Reader,

It’s Jazz Fest in New Orleans and the giant puppets from the Beastmaster Theater are parading through the French Quarter. But as Carmela Bertrand and her best friend, Ava, enjoy the parade, a terrible crash echoes from Devon Dowling’s antique shop. Rushing inside they find Devon collapsed with the only witness his small dog Mimi. Has he been shot? Stabbed? When the police arrive they realize he was stabbed with an ice pick. Running her own shadow investigation, Carmela works behind the scenes to catch Devon’s killer. This is a fast-paced “thrillzy” filled with drama, humor and mischief. New Orleans is a top go-to spot, so you’ll also enjoy the food and landmarks in Mumbo Gumbo Murder!

Laura Childs





Dear Reader,

Every day as a couples therapist, I witness the wreckage of faulty assumptions. It inspired me to write The Truth is a Theory, a story of how these fatally flawed “truths” play out for four women friends. It is the story of deep friendship, of dates and deadlines, husbands and babies, and of heartbreaking date-rape, infidelity and alcoholism.

Kirkus Reviews calls it “an emotionally intense novel of love and friendship.”

Thank you,
Karyn Bristol