This issue of BookBites introduces readers to Eric C. Anderson’s New Caliphate Trilogy,
a saga ripped from today’s headlines that could leave tomorrow’s Europe on the
brink of a new Dark Age, as well as a fourth thriller depicting the use of cryptocurrency as a tool for
political regime change. Anderson was a former member of the U.S. intelligence community.

Osiris (Book 1) by Eric C. Anderson (Dunn Books)

It’s a dilemma no Washington politician wants to confront: rescuing 5,000 Americans trapped in Baghdad. Taking on the challenge is a crusty Marine, an embattled Army officer, two Turkish spies and the ultimate cyber-warrior.

Their enemy? An ISIS regime intent on carving out a new caliphate. Can they rescue an American embassy under siege by a weapon that even Washington’s military might can’t defeat? Buy Book 1 of the New Caliphate Trilogy at

Anubis (Book 2) by Eric C. Anderson (Dunn Books)

As if the slaughter of thousands of U.S. citizens in Baghdad wasn’t enough, now the Caliphate has a new plan in Book 2 of the trilogy. “Anubis” picks up where Osiris” left off, on an incendiary mission of soldiers, spies, statesmen and sellouts, all thrown together to either save the world.

Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant More and U.S. Army Special Forces Major Faheem are thrust to the front as the world braces for a hurricane of terror.

With the enigmatic U.S. president dead, his hated political opponent about to be inaugurated, and ISIS attacking on multiple fronts, will America and her allies surrender to terrorists and withdraw from the Middle East? The clock is ticking. Buy at

Horus (Book 3) by Eric C. Anderson (Dunn Books)

Recovering from the last round of terror, an exhausted U.S. president deals with the specter of nuclear horror. In the trilogy’s thrilling conclusion, More and Faheem hoped to never see one other again. But warlords and fanatics on the march in the Middle East have no regard for others.

With ISIS on its heels and the Caliph on the run, Turkish strongman Recep Erdogan revives the Ottoman Empire. The Kurds refuse to get out of his way. More and Faheem discover that North Korea has sold cruise missiles to terrorists. Can they stop these madmen before mushroom clouds light up the world? Buy at

Byte by Eric C. Anderson (Dunn Books)

In a fourth book by Anderson, “Roller” is the wise-cracking, pistol-packing agent known at the CIA as “the Veterinarian,” dispatched to cage big dogs and bring the bits and bytes to heel.

When Roller’s superiors discover the balance of power between the U.S. and Russia is about to run off the rails, she’s called upon to head a cyber strike team and face off with her arch-nemesis. There’s $50 billion of oligarch money at play, bitcoins to intercept, and evidence of a surging cyberattack on the global infrastructure that could kill thousands. Buy at

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