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Dear Reader,

After the Delta Force Heroes series ended I really wanted to give the commander his Happily Ever After. And since he’s in charge of both the old and new team of Deltas it was a perfect bridge between the two series. And Truck’s sister was a perfect heroine. She suffers from anxiety, which so many people out there also are afflicted with.

I love writing stories where everyone, no matter who they are, find love. Enjoy!

Susan Stoker

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Dear Reader

Samantha, the fashionable wife of a successful Boston businessman, loves both her husband and her sister, but the two of them can barely exist in the same room. When her sister is diagnosed with cancer in her early forties, Samantha’s family and marriage are tipped into crisis–and Samantha discovers strengths and skills she never knew she had. A story of love, loss, grief, forgiveness and healing. Appearances remind us that no amount of privilege can protect us from family conflicts, marital difficulty or mortality.

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