Cue the Jaws theme and turn on the Discovery channel–it’s Shark Week 2019! From board books, scientific explorations, and cute cartoons, your child will love any one of these selections. They might even literally take a bite out of them to mimic their new favorite animal friend. Happy reading!

  1. First, we have to start with a classic. Your kid probably sings this song anyway, so why not explore beyond the tune with illustrated storybooks?  Baby Shark (Cartwheel Books) dives deeper with crisp and silly illustrations by John John Bajet to brighten up your story time routine. Bonus: easy and fun dance moves are included for you and your little one to try as you read! Meet every member of Baby Shark’s family, or else tuck in for the night with Bedtime for Baby Shark (Cartwheel Books). Upcoming in August, Little Golden Book will publish their own version of Baby Shark! to match your collection. Your world is about to get a lot more musical!





2. Want to take an into-the-depths tour of the ocean with a hammerhead shark named Fin? Satisfy your child’s boundless curiosity in Captain Aquatica’s Awesome Ocean (National Geographic Children’s Books). On-duty scientist and ocean-advocate Jessica Cramp and co-writers Grace Hill Smith and Joe Levit share their expertise in a fun and lively manner. Your child will marvel at real underwater photographs enhanced with illustrations. Get exploring!







3. Everyone has seen a great white before, but you probably haven’t seen an up-close picture of a whale shark. I Love Whale Sharks! (Retrograde) by Ruby Stockton introduces you to this funny-looking lad with hi-res pictures to get your child daydreaming. This book is perfect for teaching your child about all the different species of an animal. Maybe challenge them to draw their own breed of shark and see what they come up with!

Bonus notebook: “Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be a Whale Shark, Then Be A Whale Shark”






4. Your child may feel infinitely small compared to the ocean, but they need to know that even little things have a huge impact on the ecosystem. Somebody Swallowed Stanley (Scholastic) by Sarah Roberts turns your ordinary plastic bag into a protagonist. Follow Stanley as—oh no!—he gets nibbled on by various aquatic animals mistaking him for a jellyfish. See how this harms our salty friends and how even the youngest can help keep the ocean pollution-free. The author has even written a handy guide for your child on how the whole family can make a step-by-step impact.





5. Somewhere in the deep blue, there is a shark named Sergio. He has one big problem: he can’t draw! Follow his journey to self-realization in Sergio the Shark Can’t Draw (Moose and Koala) illustrated by Summer Stokes. This uplifting tale has glowing reviews on Amazon and seems to be a crowd favorite with both readers and babblers. So invite Sergio to swim on in and see how his dilemma unfolds!






6. This may sound crazy, but somewhere out there a baby is exploring the ocean doing important research that will change the world. Could this be the secret double life of your kid? Find out by picking up Baby Oceanographer (Harper Festival) by Dr. Laura Gehl and Daniel Wiseman. Meet a clingy crab, zen fish, and an octopus in a beanie while traveling in the S.S. Burpcloth. Learn what makes boats float and waves crash while bonding with your child today.






7. You might be saying, “Sharks can’t drive cars!” You’d be wrong! But parking…that’s up for debate. In Shark Must Park! (Mockingbird Jane Books) your child will learn how to approach difficult problems while also stretching their imagination. Rhymes assist with smooth reading for those who may usually struggle. A teacher who purchased this book on Amazon to bring to class only had one problem with it: “my daughter keeps snagging it and hiding it from me!” Be a hero for all the kids in your life and check out this book.








8. Deep in the Ocean (Harry N. Abrams) is an instant win. From the shiny metallic details on the cover to the neon pinks and greens, you will be amazed at the pure beauty of the illustrations by Lucie Brunellière. The text takes you on a surprising and jaw-dropping journey from the glittering surface to the murky and mysterious depths. A free downloadable soundtrack ensures that you will have the best story time on the block.






9. When the shark on the cover says, “Cooler than frozen fish sticks, man,” you have to believe him. So Cool! Sharks (National Geographic Children’s Books) by Crispin Boyer will make your child giggle themselves to sleep. Their brains will be bursting with quirky facts and hilarious images. After all, who doesn’t love a shark in sunglasses?







10. The Shark Bully (independently published) by V. Moua might feature a big bad shark on the cover, but Bruno is anything but stereotypical. Instead, he learns that he can only make friends if he is kind to others. Teach your kids about bullying and how important it is to get along with others.








Tell us which ones you’ve tried out below!