“I am a high school dropout with no higher intelligence than you. I came to a country with no knowledge of the local language or culture. Worse, I had no money, and slept on the beaches of Phuket with a suitcase for a pillow.”

Today, Andres Pira is one of Thailand’s largest real estate developers, with holdings in the billions. In his new book, Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity (ForbesBooks), he tells his remarkable story and shares the framework from which others can unlock their full potential and obtain their life goals.

Rags-to-riches stories are inspirational and motivating, and this one is no exception. So what makes this book different from the others of its genre?

As Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says in his foreword, “I’ve worked with millions of people worldwide who generally want to learn the principles I teach. Andres was different. He wanted proof.”

And so do millennials, receptive as a group to learning and to new ideas but questioning and demanding of proof before complying.

Pira, according to Canfield, represents that new generation of transformational leaders who deliver on what the new generation is looking for. That’s likely because he was a skeptic himself until he was able to put acquired knowledge into practice in the real world.

Pira, adds Canfield, has “mastered the formula for making his employees believe in the impossible. He knows how to make money, inspire and drive success like no one I have ever met.”

Millions of people read motivational books but not everyone will achieve the same results. Pira knows. “Knowledge is not what gets us what we want in life,” says Pira. “The difference lies in taking a specific action.”

Pira grew up in Stockholm in gloomy weather, unhappy and with no vision of the future. He had the chance to make his way to Thailand, where at first he was starving, frustrated, angry and almost broke. Part of his journey, to Phuket, took place in the luggage compartment of a bus.

He escaped his abyss not so much from learning the basics of how to succeed in business but by learning how life should be lived, making good choices about values, and exuding positivity at every turn.

It’s about valuing positivity over results. He recalls a star salesperson who suddenly was having trouble selling, full of excuses and spreading negativity through the company. While Pira tried his best to save the situation, he realized, “I was putting more value on results than I was on building a positive organization. Valuing outcomes also puts you in the position to worry, be anxious and make rash decisions.” Situations don’t have to be that complicated.

Pira’s principles cover topics like taking risks and responsibility; making thinking time a priority; celebrating progress; living a laser-focused life; having ideas so massive as to make others uncomfortable; showing passion; mastering emotions; physical wellness; and investing in employees, among others.

Pira provides an interesting take on what he calls “vibrational giving.” “I focus on the emotion I feel while I am doing the giving. The feeling attached to the giving is far more critical than most people may realize… When I wish someone a good day, I do it with genuine feelings of wanting that person to have a good day.” It was this thinking that Pira correlates with when he first started being successful in business.

His message is that by doing good, good things will happen. But don’t keep score waiting for your first million to pour in. The proper life mindset is a puzzle that took Pira years to decipher. Through Homeless to Billionaire, he invites you in to do the same.

Homeless to Billionaire is now available on Amazon.


About Andres Pira

Andres Pira is a real estate development tycoon located in Phuket, Thailand. A philanthropist at heart, Pira lives by the Buddhist virtue of giving. He is the founder of 19 companies under Blue Horizon Developments and the most awarded real estate developer in Southeast Asia. Pira spends his spare time traveling the world, learning new cultures, and exploring unbound territories. At the age of thirty, he became immersed in the adrenaline of extreme sports. He enjoys mountain climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, skiing, bodybuilding, and football. He recently spent seven days in complete darkness exploring the underground caves in Vietnam, and climbed the tallest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro, which took 10 days of grueling hiking.