Author Jennifer Trethewey’s Highlanders of Balforss series follows a family of very brave, and delicious, men in Regency-era Scotland. Her fourth book in the series, Saving the Scot (Macmillan)  is a true escape, a journey that spans from Scotland to America and back again – complete with natural disasters, pirates and two hysterical characters that will keep you in a happy mood the whole way through.

To Louisa Robertson, there is no greater high than being on stage. Acting is her first love, her passion and her excuse to wear trousers instead of skirts. Unfortunately, it’s also the reason why her father wants to send his “daughter from hell” to America to wed a man she’s never met. Faced with the prospect of being tied to a man and a life she doesn’t want, Louisa does what she does best. She becomes someone else – her maid, Miss Mairi MacQuarie.

Not even the treacherous high seas are a match for the hurricane that is Louisa. When the Tartan Terror – General Robertson – hires Ian Sinclair to sail his daughter to America to marry her betrothed, all that’s on his mind is the commission he will receive when the job is done. Ian is a soldier and anxious to get back on the battlefield, but nothing prepares him for Miss Green Eyes, the spirited, headstrong, and incredibly infuriating maid to the woman with whom he has been tasked with ensuring safe passage. Captain Sinclair thrives in clean order, but a place for everyone and everything doesn’t fit Louisa’s specific brand of chaos. She’s disruptive, a beautiful disaster, and yet also the healing balm for everything that ails him.

As they journey together across the sea, they save each other time and again. When they finally reach land, Ian knows he’s not ready to let Louisa go. But they both have secrets. When Louisa discovers her game may have the power to hurt rather than help and Ian’s past comes back to haunt him, they both have to decide if they still want to live the lives they planned or set a new course…together.

So, what will happen when their secrets are revealed?

I can tell you what won’t happen. You won’t stop smiling. Trethewey’s novel is witty, dynamic and engaging from the very first page. Louisa is the perfect blend of daring independence and naiveté and Ian is an admirable captain – responsible, loyal to his crew, compassionate and, though Louisa challenges him at every turn, patient.

The tone remains mostly lighthearted even when the action turns ominous and the characters’ vulnerabilities rise to the surface, inviting the reader to trust Trethewey and stay with the story. Their insecurities are real and relatable, and also the glue that binds them together. The setting changes with the tides of Louisa and Ian’s relationship, transforming them from single individuals to a unit, one that must learn to accept each other’s flaws even as they struggle to manage their own fears.

Love isn’t easy. Sometimes you have to cross an ocean, survive a storm, or even slay some pirates to get to a good place, but Trethewey shows us it’s worth it. Especially if there’s a sexy Scot waiting for you when you get there.

Saving the Scot is available for purchase.


Jennifer Trethewey’s Highlanders of Balforss series features brawny Scots, sweeping romance, and non-stop adventure laced with a liberal dose of humor. Her foundation for story-telling is grounded in her long career in theater as co-founder and former co-artistic director of Renaissance Theaterworks, one of the most successful and longest running women’s theater companies in America. As an actor-turned-writer, she has moved her performances from the stage to the page and invites you to enjoy the drama of the Scottish Highlands in her latest novel, Saving the Scot.

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