Let’s face it – some book reviewers are pompous, verbose and heavy-handed. So we’d like to present you with 15 reviewers who most certainly are not! They are first-graders from a public school in Southern Connecticut who were asked to write reviews of their favorite books. And BookTrib received permission to share them.

So here they are: children’s book reviews as frank, fun and real as they come.


Do you like ham? Do you like eggs? Then you will like Green Eggs and Ham (Random House) by Dr. Seuss. He writes lots of rhyming stories too. I think you will like this book. I give Green Eggs and Ham 13 stars. P.S. this book also has 62 pages and pictures. My favorite part is when the big guy didn’t want to eat green eggs and ham. Now do you want to get this book?


Are you at J level? If you are, you might like this book. There’s a whole series, and this book is called There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy (Cartwheel Books). There’s a boy and a fly, and I think they get my attention. I like it when the fly falls down. You should really check it out! I think it is the best book in this class. I give it 100,000 stars. You really should go and look at the Fly Guy series and find your favorites!


Do you like reading? Do you like Pokemon? Then you will love Bagon Can Fly (Scholastic) by Tracey West and Katherine Noll. One reason I like it is because Ashes Pokedex tells Ash and his friends what the Pokemon on the cliffs type and kind of Pokemon it is. It is funny because Bagon wants to fly, but only his Stage 2 can fly. Bagon’s trainer is training Bagon to salamence and fly! Ash asked Michelle to have a battle so Bagon can evolve. In the middle of the book, Team Rocket tries to catch Bagon and Pikachu. Does team Rocket catch Bagon and Pikachu? Does Bagon evolve? You need to read the book to find out.


Do you like laughing? Do you like animals? Then you should read The Fun on the Farm Joke Book (Windmill Books), by Sean Connolly. My favorite joke is: How do chickens get out of their eggs? They try to find the eggs-it. Ha, ha, ha.

That cracks me up! Ha, ha there’s another one that does too, but to know what that is, you have to read the book. I give it 5 stars and two thumbs up. That’s why you should read The Fun on the Farm Joke Book.


Do you like mysteries? Do you like Piggy and Gerald books? This book is a Piggy and Gerald book! Surprise, this is I Love My New Toy (Hyperion Books) by Mo Willems! Well, I have a book review for you. The great I Love My New Toy. It is mischievous! It is a Piggy and Gerald book! It is funny. It does have funny things in it. In fact, very, very funny things. You will not believe how weird this book is! When Gerald throws the toy up in the air, and when it came down, splat, it snapped in half. What will Piggy and Gerald do? Read the book to find out.


Do you like smiling? Do you like laughing? You need to read I Love My New Toy by Mo Willems. One reason to read this book is that Piggy and Gerald are nice in this book. Piggy let Gerald throw the toy. And the toy landed on the ground and BROKE! Piggy and Gerald cry for the toy. But someone is coming! This book is great for 1st grade.


Do you like laughing? Do you like reading? Then read Dogman: Lord of the Fleas (Graphix) by Dav Pilkey. A bad pig comes and says, “What are you doing?” Cat says, “We are catching fireflies again.” Then the pig yells, “I was not talking to you.” Cat kid answers again. Dogman saves Petey, but then Dogman puts Petey in jail, and Petey says, “Rats!” I give it 15 stars and two thumbs up. Now get it!


Do you like playing? Do you like friends? Then read the book Biscuit Wants to Play (HarperCollins). It is the best book in the world because it is a really good book. I give it 30 stars. This book has 18 pictures and 130 words, and there is a really good ending. In the book, Biscuit wants to play. He really wants to play. Don’t you have to find out what happened? This book is good for people who like playing.


Do you like reading? Do you like teaching kids? Then you should read the series Owl Diaries (Scholastic). But it is a chapter book. I recommend you read it if you like chapter books. I give Owl Diaries five stars. Eva has a friend named Lucy. Where does Lucy live? Read the book to find out.


Do you like baking? Do you like fairies? Well you should read Roxie the Baking Fairy (Scholastic). It is so good. My favorite part is with the boat with three goblins and a cake. P.S. her magic agent is a star cookie cutter. Her dress looks like pink frosting with sprinkles. The author is Daisy Meadows. I think you would love this book. There is a cake that looks like Rainspell Island. Now you should read it. Go on more adventures with the fairies. I give it two thumbs up. It is the best.


Do you want to be a princess? Then you should read Make Way for Princess Cora (CreateSpace) by Joshua Smith. He is a really good author. Do you like PB&J? Then you will love Make Way for Princess Cora. Tip: They eat it in the book. Cora has a friend named Ali. She is a great friend. You will love this book. This is a great book, and maybe you can be her for Halloween. You should be sure to get Make Way for Princess Cora by Joshua Smith!


Do you like Star Wars? Then you should read AT-AT Attack (Disney Lucasfilm Press) written by Calliope Glass. It has an explosion in the middle of the book! I liked when the ship escaped from the fortress. Darth Vader wanted to catch Han Solo and the princess. Because in the first book, Darth Vader wanted the secret battle plans from Princess Leia, but failed. I give 10 thumbs up and five stars for AT-AT Attack.


Do you like reading? Do you like laughing? Then you should read I’m a Frog (Hyperion) by Mo Willems. In this book, Piggy pretends to be a frog, and Gerald thinks she is an actual frog. My favorite part is when Piggy jumps over Gerald. P.S. this book has 57 pages. I give this book seven thumbs up! Look in the Elephant and Piggy series, and maybe you will find I’m a Frog.


Do you like the Little Critter Storybook Collection (HarperFestival)? There are so many Little Critter books. This book is great for people who like Little Critter. If you like him, you should read my book. In the first chapter, he did everything wrong. My favorite part is when he showed his family what he needed. There are 176 pages. If you are going to buy this book, it will be so funny!


Do you like reading? Do you like learning the truth? You need to read What was the Titanic? (Penguin Workshop) by Stephanie Sabol. One reason is that it is so exciting and cool! My favorite part is when they said the lookouts spotted a large, dark shape. It was…an iceberg! The captain ordered the ship to turn around. Didn’t you like that? Isn’t it so exciting? You never know when something is coming. You should get What was the Titanic? P.S. there are 16 pages of photos in this book. Look in the “What was…” series, and maybe you can find What was the Titanic? It is amazing. It is cool. It is fun. It is exciting. It is the best book you will ever read in your life. You should really get What was the Titanic?


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