This has been the year of “Becoming” …  and Heather Webb, the internationally bestselling author of six historical fiction novels, has proven that Becoming Josephine (Plume) deserves to be on its own special mantel with her captivating tale of an extraordinary woman’s rise to power against all odds.

Webb is a master storyteller with her exquisite attention to detail while chronicling Rose Tascher’s dramatic rise. She began as a Creole girl raised on a plantation during a time of great strife and transforms herself into Empress Josephine Bonaparte. A complex and contradictory woman, Josephine’s story dazzles.

The description is lush, and we are immediately drawn into the epic journey of an ambitious young woman who, despite so many trials and tribulations, trusts herself from the beginning. Her young life begins in the Caribbean and through many twists and turns, she is transported to Parisian salon society. While there, she soon wins the heart (and ear) of the most pivotal character in French history; Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Josephine is a highly desired woman and Napoleon is determined to claim her, even though she is a widow. Ahead of her time, the enchanting Josephine calls all the shots. Napoleon is enamored by her beauty, her brains and her joie de vivre (enjoyment of life)He marries her against his family wishes and eventually divorces her because she could not produce an heir to the throne. Their relationship takes place during a period when France is torn by the revolution. Yet, despite all of this conflict she endures, Josephine’s fiery spirit is both unbreakable and admired. 

Her marriage to Napoleon is tempestuous (ahh, the love affairs and the betrayals…) and yet despite the divorce and his remarriage to a womb-worthy woman, Josephine remains in Napoleon’s heart to his dying day. Webb’s rich, unputdownable portrayal of Josephine not only sheds light on a woman who “becomes,” but also ignites a candle to one of history’s most fascinating women, reflecting her strength, passion, and perseverance.

Becoming Josephine is available for purchase.


Heather Webb is the internationally bestselling author of multiple historical novels (Becoming JosephineRodin’s Lover, Last Christmas in Paris, and The Phantom’s Apprentice), which have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly and more, as well as receiving national starred reviews. In 2015, Rodin’s Lover was selected as a Goodreads Top Pick and in 2017, Last Christmas in Paris became a Globe & Mail bestseller and was also shortlisted for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association Star Award. Look for her coming novel, Meet Me in Monaco, set to the backdrop of Grace Kelly’s wedding and releasing in summer 2019.  When not writing, you may find Heather collecting cookbooks or looking for excuses to travel. She lives in New England with her family and one feisty rabbit.

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