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Authorbuzz Giveaway: Stories on Family and Change

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This week’s Authorbuzz giveaway features two stories focusing on the themes of family and change. Read more from authors Susan Conley and Erin Bartels to learn about how to win a copy for yourself.

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Dear Reader, 

I wrote Elsey Come Home (Knopf) because I wanted to give an extremely honest portrayal of a woman struggling with the expectations placed on her to be an “extraordinary” mother and to also have an extraordinary career. 

My novel explores what happens when the pressure on women becomes too much. Oprah Magazine picked Elsey Come Home for its “Top Ten Books,” and Judy Blume writes of the book, “I loved Elsey Come Home. The exotic setting, the characters Elsey meets along the way— and the writing, spare and lovely. What more can I say—perfect.”

The Library Journal called the novel a “Best Bet,” and the Publishers 
Weekly’s Starred Review writes, “it’s an excellent novel, asking probing questions about motherhood and careers and marriage.” 

Write me at [email protected] for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies! 

Thank you, 
Susan Conley  

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Dear Reader,

I’m giving away five free copies of my debut novel, We Hope for Better Things (Baker Books)!

When Detroit Free Press journalist Elizabeth Balsam meets a great-aunt she didn’t know she had, what she learns about her family’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and the Underground Railroad during the Civil War will forever change her perception of her own place in history.

To enter, email me at [email protected]

With Hope,

Erin Bartels

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