This week’s Author Buzz giveaway features quite the mix of genres to save some money and start holiday shopping with a spring. A hot romance and a story that will pull at your heartstrings, a murder mystery with recipes and a heart-pounding adventure with links to the ancient past. Don’t miss out on any of these great titles!

Gerry Schmitt, who writes under the pen name Laura Childs is now adding two more series that are harder-edged Wednesday February 26, 2014 in Plymouth. (Pioneer Press: Jean Pieri)

Dear Reader,

As the Kindred Players hold their dress rehearsal for A Christmas Carol, a ghost wafts onstage and murders the star of the show. Suzanne Dietz, co-owner of the Cackleberry Club, rushes after this spooky specter but loses him when he escapes into a snowstorm. Suzanne vows to solve this murder and ends up juggling multiple suspects, holiday tea parties, a second murder, and a devastating fire. True to character, she also maintains her good humor (yes, this book is funny!) and keeps her romance sizzling with the town doctor. In Eggs on Ice (Berkley), an in the tradition of all my previous New York Times bestselling cozies, I won’t let you down when it comes to heart-warming descriptions, a breathless pace, and homespun recipes!

-Laura Childs

Dear Reader,

In Something Worth Saving (Kensington), Lily and 14-year old Charlie are best friends: a boy and his cat. But Lily is puzzled when she sees bruises on Charlie. Who would dare hurt her favorite boy? In her quest to investigate, Lily comes to realize that her family is fractured in more ways than one. But no matter how flawed they may be, Lily never stops fighting to protect those she loves.

Booklist writes, “Told with empathy and hope.”

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Sandi Ward

Dear Reader,

I cannot wait for you guys to get back into the wicked world of the fae who prowl the streets of New Orleans. When I first started writing Wicked and came up with the character of the evil fae Prince, I couldn’t wait to tell his story, because things aren’t always how they seemed. In The Prince (Evil Eye Inc.), seeing him through Brighton’s eyes has been one of the greatest stories to tell and I am so excited for you to find out what is happening with Ren, Ivy, and the Prince and Brighton.  And of course, Tink too!

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Dear Reader,

It’s not every day that a criminal investigation in Manhattan connects to a tale of intrigue in ancient Mesopotamia. What could one have to do with the other? How are two families connected across 4,000 years of history? To find out what happens, you’ll have to read the book! It’s been called “an inescapable adventure” and “a gripping kickoff to a new series.” Win one of 10 signed copies of Dead Sea Rising. Email to enter.

-Jerry B. Jenkins

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