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Dear Reader,

It’s fun to pair two unlikely characters together, especially after I’ve had readers ask—what ever happened to…? Callie Morgan appeared as a precocious 4-yr-old in Long Hard Ride; Justin Donohue’s brother married his ex-girlfriend in All Jacked Up. In Wound Tight (Evil Eye Concepts) years have passed, now Callie is all grown up. When she meets Justin, she doesn’t see the age difference between them, she sees a hot former bull rider who needs to let loose—and she’s happy to unwind him completely.

Enjoy this May-December romance—a Blacktop Cowboys/Rough Riders crossover!

Lorelei James~

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Dear Reader,

Damien Stark. He is, by far, one of my most favorite characters to write. Brilliant, controlling and hot as hell, he’s also desperately in love with his wife and the family they are building. A powerful billionaire, he’ll go to any lengths to keep his family from being hurt. But what can a man like Damien do when the danger comes from his own dark past?

Find out in Please Me (Evil Eye Concepts).

J. Kenner

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Dear Reader,

When I was struck with a serious bout of writer’s block, I did what all New Englanders do when they have nothing to talk about: I talked about the weather. The result is Areas of Fog (Etruscan Press), a witty and poetic journey through one year of inner and outer weather. Full of humor and literary anecdotes, this fun, breezy read will delight fans of Billy Collins and Bill Bryson.

“An absolutely beautiful read.” —WBUR’s Radio Boston.

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Will Dowd

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