Life on the Leash (Gallery Books) is the perfect romantic comedy, complete with an eclectic group of hilarious characters, passionate career goals, and of course a contemporary love story equal parts sweet and saucy. The author, Victoria Schade, is a well-known dog trainer herself, and injects her upbeat approach to working with dogs into the pulse of the story.

Cora Bellamy left her high-ranking corporate job behind to work where here heart truly belonged, training dogs. Communicating with these pets and meeting the needs of her clients is second nature to her. However, juggling the two new love interests in her life while prepping to go on television is a completely different story.

As Cora breaks out of her shell to audition for the training show Everyday Dogs, she also launches from her romantic comfort zone and imagines herself with the first guy since her ex-boyfriend broke off their engagement. Although, perhaps it is better to say a certain client, Charlie Gill, launches her from her comfort zone with his rugged good looks and insistent flirting. Unfortunately, he also has a girlfriend, but doesn’t seem too committed in their exclusivity.

On the other hand, Eli Crawford is adorable and loyal, truly the perfect companion. But Eli has immediate feelings for Cora, and wants much more than to be her friend. Eli has multiple sisters and works as technology support in an office full of women, so he is used to anticipating certain moods and striking up easy banter. Eli is always ready to help Cora when she is in distress, but can he stand a match against the passion that seems to radiate from Charlie Gill?

Cora must push herself farther than she’s ever gone before to nail the TV audition, please all of her clients (some testing her limits far more than others) and work out her love life before things get too messy for everyone involved.

A tall task, but luckily for Cora, she has a fabulous group of friends to aid in her adventures. From her fellow dog-training pals “the booze hounds” and their rock hard determination to take down the harmful training tactics of “the doggy dictator,” to her roommate Maggie and her “work wife for life” best friend Darnell transforming her for a huge gala, she has plenty of support for fresh waves of calamity.

I read this book easily in one day. The characters were so fun to be around, I couldn’t help wanting to join them page after page. The perfect instant pick-me-up, this rom-com story is as irresistible as a pair of puppy eyes.

Curl up with your best furry friend and a glass of wine to enjoy Schade’s witty story, it will make you laugh and might even give you helpful tips for teaching your dog some new tricks.

Life on the Leash is now available to purchase.

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Victoria Schade is an author, speaker, and dog trainer known for her upbeat approach to living and working with dogs. She has been featured in The Washington PostMartha Stewart LivingReal SimpleReader’s DigestThe Bark, and many dog-specific publications. Victoria has worked on Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl special for the past twelve years. She has served as a pet expert for Petside, Pet360, petMD and PawCulture, writing training and behavior content and appearing in educational videos. Life on the Leash is her first novel.