This week’s Author Buzz giveaway features a mixed bag of genres including mystery, romance and fantasy! For more information on any of these great books you could win for free, read what the authors have to say.

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Dear Reader,

Tensions rise in 1936 Singapore when a dead Englishman is found covered in juice from the betel nuts chewed by locals.

Afraid of Colonial backlash (and hoping for a story), Chen Su Lin plunges into the investigation against Inspector Le Froy’s advice. I based Su Lin very loosely on my grandmother who wanted to be a journalist, ended up a teacher, and loved stories.

Ovidia Yu

If you’d like a look at murder in Colonial Singapore, please email me at [email protected] to receive one of five copies!

Dear Reader,

It’s been six years since the first book in the Dark King series launched and captured the hearts of readers. I’m thrilled to share the newest book – Dragonfire – with you.

Join me on a passionate, emotional journey through Romania and Iceland with an indomitable Dragon King, Roman, and the courageous Sabina as they work their way through a tangled web of magic, lies, deceptions, and hidden knowledge to triumph over their enemies – and discover a love of the ages.

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Dear Reader,

My latest release, Royally Yours, is a stirring, beautiful love story of an arranged royal marriage that becomes so much more. There’s something for every reader in this one – humor, passion, heartbreak, palace intrigue, and joy that will leave you smiling giddily with happy reader satisfaction.

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