In Her Bones (Atria Books) by Kate Moretti picks up absolutely on the media’s obsession with serial killers. From Jack the Ripper to Charles Manson, the public devours all the information it can glean about the people among us who are capable of committing these inhuman acts.

What caused the person to slip over the precipice of “normalcy” into the depths of depravity? Could a horrific childhood be to blame? An untreated mental illness? We want to understand what makes these people tick; perhaps in an effort to recognize the signs in others, or out of morbid curiosity. The same holds true for the victims of these heinous crimes. Was there a pattern in whom the killer singled out? Did the victims have any chance for escape?

What we hear about far more rarely are the remainders of these stories. The families of the victims left behind to piece back together the shattered remnants of their lives. The loved ones of the killers who are left to bear the shame of heinous crimes they didn’t commit. In Her Bones by Kate Moretti shares a unique perspective on that very thing. Edie Beckett is the daughter of Lilith Wade, a woman convicted of brutally murdering six people. After Lilith’s conviction, Edie’s young adult life is characterized by addiction and obsession. Edie cleans up and lands a steady city job with the help of Gil Brandt, the detective who cracked Lilith’s case.

Despite the healthy new start, all isn’t well with Edie. She spends hours in online support groups ferreting out information about the families of the people that her mother killed. She is particularly interested in Peter Lipsky, who is an enigma among the other survivors of Lilith’s crimes. When Peter is killed and Edie’s DNA is found at the scene of the crime, Brandt is forced to track down the young woman he’d tried so hard to help. Meanwhile, Edie must go on the run to prove her innocence and grapple with all the horrendous events that characterized her childhood.

Now, I’ve read my share of psychological thrillers, and I consider myself pretty adept at guessing the plot twist early enough in the book that I find myself plugging along just to make sure my assumptions are correct. They usually are.

Not this time.

Friends and readers, I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. finishing this book because Kate Moretti’s bewitching tale absolutely refused to give up its secrets until the very end. This wonderfully crafted story is a look into the battered and bruised human psyche that is absolutely worth your time. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Liane Moriarty, this twisty, gut-punch of a book will not disappoint.

In Her Bones will be available for purchase September 4, 2018.

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Kate Moretti is the author of Binds That Tie, the New York Times Bestseller Thought I Knew You, and The Vanishing Year. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and dog. She’s worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years as a scientist and has been an avid fiction reader her entire life. She enjoys traveling and cooking, although, with two kids, a day job, and writing, she doesn’t get to do those things as much as she’d like.

Her lifelong dream is to buy an old house with a secret passageway.